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Simple plan that will change the travel industry.

Published on August 21, 2017 by admin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cell: 407-496-1183   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cell: 407-496-1183   August 12, 2017-Honolulu, HI                           Email: [email protected]         IMPACTO, INC.                                                                   Web:

Impacto, Inc. CEO Has A Plan That Will Change Travel As We Know ItTravel Plan Could Go Into Effect Starting Spring 2018
International Travel Company, Impacto, Inc.  is currently working on a simple but very dynamic plan with major Tourism Departments around the globe that will offer the entire traveling public free flights with no airline baggage fees.  Tourism departments will buy seats and charter planes much like small wireless companies such as Cricket and Straight Talk buy minutes and data from major mobile companies and offer lower plans for data and texts.  Most foreign countries rely on their tourism.  They spend major amounts of money in marketing their tourism and consider that this could be an ingenious and cost effective-cost cutting program to engage more people to travel to their favorite  respective tourist hot spots around the globe.  A win-win for airlines who charge unwanted fees, a win for countries that heavily rely on their tourism as their number one industry, and a major win for the customer who gets a free round trip ticket as a courtesy of that country’s tourism department- and takes that money saved from buying those tickets and unwanted airline fees and spends it in their favorite country! In the spring of 2018, there will be over 35 worldwide and 10 domestic destinations to choose from.  “With the multitude of Travel Bans, unnecessary airline fees, passenger unhappiness at all-time highs, instead of a ban Impacto has a Plan! We at Impacto are all striving about doing something for the traveler, and we may have come up with something that will be special to all who participate for many years to come,” said Gary German, Founder of Impacto Inc. About ImpactoIMPACTO™, Inc. is an international corporation that is currently operational in 15 countries worldwide.  IMPACTO™ is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. IMPACTO™ has over 10 digital footprints under its vibrant Travel Ecosystem that are positioned for global travelers. IMPACTO™ also manufactures the first 2 piece set of Smart Luggage! IMPACTO™ will soon release Airmon, its first Artificial Intelligent Voice Recognition travel product that will change the way we travel in the very near future. You can reach Gary German, the Founder of IMPACTO™, INC. directly at 407-496-1183-cellular or via [email protected]

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