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Airport Cosplay (USA Domestic Airports)

Published on August 24, 2017 by admin

Airport Cosplay (USA Domestic Airports)

Brought to you by Impacto, Inc.

Airport Cosplay is a unique Viral Marketing Program that is developed for one main intention; and that is to ease the pain of Domestic Travelers.

Today to travelvia through the air is not as fun as it once was.  Today, it is literally a pain in the caboose to travel.  It causes more heart attacks than eating a huge meal at an all you can eat Chinese Buffet.

Today to travel via the air is stressful not to mention painful.  Folks traveling with too much luggage panic over excessive baggage fees.  Most families now cannot sit together.   Presently, most people are worried about being bumped off flights from being over booked.  Security is also another huge worry.  Mean flight attendants now are on everyone’s bad list.  A recent survey said that most people would not travel if they did not have to via an airplane.  But, it is the fastest way.  Not the easiest or the most enjoyable way to travel.  Back before 911, just 16 years ago. Airline travel was a little less stressful and whole lot more fun!

So Impacto decided to look at the big picture and do something about it. It reached into its collective of heavy data mining and some deep learning analytics’ and conducted a few focus groups across the country and took the information and put together a simple program.    All they did was ask and they got their answers from air travel public faster than anticipated!  This simple to implement program could be what the airline Doctor ordered and could be a once in a lifetime success story.

To alleviate the pain of air travel, Impacto put together some ideas from an experience of appearing at a San Diego’s Comic con.  People who paid big money to attend not only from paying a high-ticket price but by designing their own costumes and paying thousands to construct a near perfect likeness to their favorite super heroes.  Impacto found that 100% of the attendees were psyched to be there and the entire experience was that of pure ecstasy.    How do they get their? By flying!

So Impacto went a little further.  It now has introduced Airport Cosplay, much like Carpool Karaoke that James Cordon has introduced on his nightly celebrity televised where he and a celebrity guest sing along in a car.  Why not have a character of a super hero show up at an airport and see what happens.  Most folks who were sick, stressed, angry and devastated by being bumped off flights or from last minute cancellations seemed to come out of this depressive stance and they lightened up so much, that they soon forgot why they were there and some even forgot they had a flight to catch.   The entire attitude of travelers soon changed and travel had a glimpse of hope at being fun again.

So much so that aninteresting travel trend has begun.  Why not dress up like your favorite super hero and fly to where you wanted to go.   Have some fun and it goes along way.  Other flyers that don’t dress up get a laugh or two or even wish they would have thought of doing so.  Social media spikes to higher levels as well, all the while at having some fun in the most unlikely place, the airport.Impacto even has costume contests on planes with a few of their Airline partners.    Major prizes are given away while nervous participating seat partners have calmed by all the fun that is happening around them.  Wow, a new trend in airline travel has begun.  Since there are no more flash mobs, this is much easier way of getting attention and having a lot more fun at doing so. No coordination meetings or dress rehearsals.  Just recently,a 40-team-members of a little league team went as their favorite Star wars characters and had so much fun they forgot what they were doing and why they were there while going through light turbulence.   It seems like it is working across the country.  Who knows Travel just might be fun again after all.


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