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Getting your Family & Home Listed

The process of getting listed is extremely easy, but does require that you first have an account with us. You can create an account quickly and easily by clicking the button below to get started.

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The process of getting listed as a host

The process of getting listed is extremely easy, but as with many things: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. With that in mind, we ask that you read the below suggestions for getting the most out of our exchange program.

Family, Home, and Regional Information

The more detailed you are in adding the requested information, the more likely our visitors will desire to use your family as a paid host for their next exchange excursion. Do not be afraid to add as much detail as you wish. In fact, studies have shown that you simply can not have too much information in your listing explaining why people will absolutely love using you as a host, why your home is the best choice, why your region/town/country will give them a fantastic advanture, or serenely peaceful excursion.

Family, Home, and Regional Pictures

Pictures are by far the best selling aspect of your exchange listing. Upload as many as you desire, we will display them in an amazing looking slideshow carousel will showcase the beauty and splendor of your family, home, and region. The more, the merrier!!

Things to have ready before continuing on...

You will want to have everything handy and ready to go before continuing on. This is a list of what will be asked for:

  • What makes your family special?
  • What makes your home special?
  • What makes your region/area special?
  • What are things to do in your area?
  • What are your household rules to respect?
  • Have pictures of your home ready.
  • Have pictures of your family ready.
  • Have pictures of your area ready.
  • Make a list of available amenities.
  • Make a list of extras & specialties.


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