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The first worldwide Family exchange travel platform allowing families all over the world to stay with each other and learn about culture, food, history, nation, local sports. $59 a night for entire family. Make friends for life.

This program allow the family exchange program, where families will create their profiles (with language spoken, hobbies, family members description and others) and they will search on our database to match their interests to find a family to stay with. This program will provide the cultural exchange and a possible life time friendship between the families.

From the most exciting places on earth where people interact with each other through family and friendship. Learn a new language, learn how to cook the way the locals do, learn a new way of life and how a hobby in one country is different in many others. Try new things, sample new tastes, and learn to live in exceptional times!

Becoming a Host

Host a family from anywhere. Take good care of them. They will be your friends and extended family for life. Teach them well. Show them how you live.

How it works

Simply fill out the ‘Sign up’ to insert your family at our files and fill out the ‘Submit Property’ form in its entirety, accept the concrete pricing per night, and you will be added to the site as a new host family just as quickly as one of our staff members verifies your submitted application.

Take a cultural trip.

Simply fill out the ‘Sign up’ to insert your family information, interests and create a profile to be shared with other families who will host your family during your trip. After have your profile into MyCasaUrCasa you will be able to book the next trip of your family.

Visit the world and see how other civilizations live. Learn their customs, sample their foods, experience their daily lives and differences. These will be stories you can use to engross and amaze your current or future grandchildren with!